• What We Do

    We Spread Love and Joy from Our Home to Yours

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    22 Years Experience

    Our pups have been making families complete since 2002

    Our pups are born in our home and raised under our watchful care. We take pride in improving the breed through a thoughtful breeding program with a priority on correct confirmation and balanced temperaments.

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    Full Circle Ranch

    Our little piece of heaven where our little puppy angels are born.

    We live on an 8.5 acre horse ranch in north Los Angeles County California. Fresh air and flying hawks; coyotes and critters of all kinds roaming the hills and valleys. Our little town has no signal lights, one store and two places to eat, yet the noisy city is only a six minute drive away. This is a perfect place for puppies!

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    Licensed and Inspected by Los Angeles County

    Full Circle Kennels License # B17-1237DK

    We are inspected each year by the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control. We have received an "A" rating every year! Also, because all our Dachshunds are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), an AKC representative inspects each year as well, making sure our facilities and records are in order.

  • Adopt A Puppy

    How It Works


    You see we have a puppy you want

    Our most up to date info on available puppies is on our FaceBook page

    Full Circle Miniature Dachshunds

    See updates below


    Contact us to confirm availability and send a Deposit

    Deposits are $300.

    Deposits are Non-Refundable

    You can send a check or use PayPal link from this website


    Pick up your puppy

    When your puppy is 8 weeks old you come to our ranch, pay the balance in cash, and take your puppy home!

  • FAQ's

    If you have a question not answered here, call us. 661-816-5614

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    How Do I Get A Puppy?

    When a new litter is announced on FaceBook and you see we have what you are looking for, call us and arrange to send a $300 non-refundable deposit to hold the puppy you want. When you pick up your puppy you pay the balance in cash.

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    Can I send a deposit ahead of time and get first pick of a litter?

    No. We do not accept deposits for puppies we do not have. We only accept a deposit when we have an available puppy you want. We used to take deposits ahead of time and it is just too difficult to keep track of who wants what and when.

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    What is the fastest way to get one of your puppies?

    The more particular you are about a puppy's size, sex, color and coat the less likely we are to have exactly what you want. The less particular you are, the easier it will be. Someone who wants a female Isabella and Tan dapple who was the runt of her litter might be waiting a long, long time for us to have that exact combination. Someone who wants a healthy long hair puppy and doesn't care if it's male or female or what color it is has a good chance of getting one in the next litter or two.

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    Why are deposits non-refundable?

    When you place a deposit you are saying, "I am going to adopt this puppy, it is mine." When we receive your deposit we take that puppy off the list of those available and do not let anyone else even consider him or her. If you later change your mind, then not only is that unfair to those who would have spoken for that puppy and had to choose another, but we now have less time to find a new home for the puppy. This results in us spending time we would not have had to spend.

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    Do you send any supplies home with a puppy?

    When you pick up your puppy, we send home a week's supply of the food it has been eating; a toy, a copy of the adoption contract, AKC registration papers, if we have received them (sometimes they arrive after and we mail them to you). And, we send home a vaccination record and information on how to crate train your puppy and what to expect in the first week you have your new family member home with you. We also give you a personalized puppy blanket which we have rubbed on the puppy's mother so it smells like her.

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    What are your puppies' temperaments like?

    Each pup comes with its own personality, but in general, long hair Dachshunds are calmer and more laid back than short hair; and of the longhair, Creams are the calmest of all. Now that is not to say you cannot have an energetic Cream longhair or a laid back smooth coat Red. We pride ourselves on breeding pups with friendly, pleasing personalities. We do not continue lines in which we have identified any undesirable personality traits or disorders.

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    I called two days after you posted a new litter on FaceBook and they were all spoken for. How do I get a puppy before they are all adopted?

    Our puppies get adopted quickly, no doubt about it. We simply have more people who want them than we have puppies. If you call and tell us what you want, we can tell you when a litter is a due that might have what you want. We will put you on an email notification list. Then look for our email and keep checking our FaceBook page around the litter due date. When you see we have what you want, get your deposit in. The time for thinking about it is before the litter comes, not after. We can't tell you how many disappointed people we have had when someone else put a deposit on a puppy they wanted. It happens all the time.

  • Send A Deposit

    ATTENTION: Do NOT send a deposit without first contacting us to confirm puppy availability: 661-816-5614



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    Tel: 661 816-5614